2019 Youth Ambassadors

Congratulations to the 13 Youth Ambassadors and 2 mentor that will travel to the US in March 2019.

The Youth Ambassadors Program is one of the most popular US State Department Exchange programs for high school students.

Students will learn about US culture by living with host families and visiting important cultural and sites and government institutions; improve their leadership, creativity and critical thinking skills, and learn about community development and civic participation, among many other things.

The students selected are:

1. Luciano Cricco Marin, San Juan
2. Paula Castro, Mendoza
3. Cristian Bazan Nieva, Catamarca
4. Paulina Nicoli; Corrientes
5. Juan Agustin Correa, Misiones
6. Maia Lucero, Neuquén
7. Jose Vieux, Entre Ríos
8. Martin Luna Mercado, La Rioja
9. Alessandro Simonotto, Formosa
10. Camila Nazar, Tucumán
11. Cyntia Bogdan, Chaco
12. Santiago Godoy, San Luis
13. Catalina Benegas, Cordoba

1. Sofia Cuadra, Santa Fe
2. Andrea Mingolla Patton, Tucuman