Ambassador Mamet Hosted by Fundación Universitaria del Río de la Plata

People at a banquet
Ambassador Mamet at the FURP’s dinner in his honor (Photo: Dept. of State)

At the historic Club del Progreso, a large number of members of Fundación Universitaria del Río de La Plata (FURP) and authorities from Club del Progreso attended a dinner hosted by FURP in honor of Ambassador Noah Mamet on July 16. Among the attendees were FURP exchange program alumni from throughout the organization’s 45 years, including political and business leaders, members of the diplomatic corps, journalists and other professionals.

Many of their exchange programs were carried out in partnership with the U.S. Department of State.  The Ambassador talked about the importance of exchange programs and strengthening the relationship between both nations.  Predicting a positive future for the bilateral relationship, he emphasized four specific areas as offering growth opportunities for U.S. – Argentine collaboration – science, technology, energy, and education.

The Ambassador responded to questions from the group about the bilateral relationship and U.S. foreign policy and encouraged their support for professional and academic exchanges. The Presidents of FURP and Club del Progreso stated that they looked forward to continued collaboration with the Embassy.