Ambassador Mamet Visits Bariloche

A group of men
From right to left: Hector Otheguy – INVAP CEO, Charles Bolden, Governor of Rio Negro Alberto Weretilneck, the Ambassador and Horacio Osuna – President of the Board of Governors, INVAP (Photo: Dept. of State)

Ambassador Noah Mamet travelled to Bariloche accompanied by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. During the trip, the Ambassador and Mr. Bolden visited INVAP, an Argentine firm dedicated to the design and development of complex technological systems. In addition, Mr. Bolden talked with young engineers from the company about the importance of synergy in investments in science and technology made by countries in general.

This activity was part of the visit to Argentina by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to promote international collaboration in the fields of science and space exploration, highlight cooperation between NASA and local organizations, and sign agreements with the National Commission on Space Activities – CONAE, which is part of  the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services.