Ambassador Mamet Visits Salta

A group of people on a reviewing stand
Ambassador Mamet in Salta (Photo: Dept. of State)

U.S. Ambassador Noah Mamet visited Salta for the first time. The purpose of the visit is to learn more about the province and meet the people of Salta. After his arrival in the capital city, the Ambassador attended the Gauchos of Güemes traditional parade, which is carried out every year on June 17 in honor of Salta’s greatest hero.

During the visit, the Ambassador met with Government representatives; business, academic and civil society leaders as well as students and alumni of U.S. exchange programs.

The Ambassador has also participated in several activities held in the cities of Salta and Cafayate. This visit if part of a series of official tours to the provinces made by the Ambassador to strengthen relations between Argentina and the United States.