About Ambassador Mamet’s Resignation Statement

Concurrent with the upcoming U.S. Presidential transition, the Embassy confirms that Ambassador Noah Mamet sent a formal resignation letter to President Obama on December 7, 2016 effective January 20.  All U.S. Ambassadors worldwide  — including those who are career diplomats of the U.S. Department of State – did the same per longstanding tradition whenever there is a change of President. Thus, Ambassador Mamet’s last day in office will be January 20, 2017.  Until that date, he will continue to officially collaborate closely with the government of Arg to promote U.S.-Argentine relations. He has publicly stated that he’s excited to transition back to the private sector and continue to strengthen economic relations between both countries, promoting trade and investment.

In his letter to President Obama, Ambassador Mamet stated his commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for the next Ambassador when named and will support him or her in any way he can.  After January 20, Minister Counselor Thomas Cooney will serve as Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy until a new Ambassador is nominated and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Ambassador Mamet’s letter includes references to the some of the many concrete results achieved during his two years in Buenos Aires, which helped to dramatically improve the bilateral relationship.

The Embassy has worked to build positive momentum, institutionalizing many new economic, security and peacekeeping initiatives. New cooperation will enable the bi-lateral relationship to maintain strong ties into the future.

The Ambassador highlighted President Obama’s visit which helped create the positive conditions to promote new initiatives such as the High Level Dialogue, the Commercial Dialogue and the Digital Working Group. Another notable initiative is the dramatic increase in educational exchange opportunities for Argentine undergraduate students to study in the United States.

Recently, the embassy also created the first Argentine-US Entrepreneur of the Year Award to recognize and promote entrepreneurship, a personal goal of the Ambassador.

Lastly, the Ambassador proudly noted that the embassy was the #1 visa-issuing U.S. Embassy in the world last November, breaking all previous records and providing further evidence of increased connectivity between the U.S. and Argentina.