Ambassador Noah Mamet Participated in the “Endeavor Experience” Conference

Group of people in a roundtable discussion
Ambassador Mamet as the guest speaker at the “Endeavour Experience” conference. (Photo: Dept. of State)

Ambassador Mamet was the guest speaker at the “Endeavour Experience” conference.  The “Endeavor Experience” gathers entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies, and businessmen to network, gain inspiration and receive training.

The Endeavour Foundation is based in more than 15 countries.  In Argentina, it has been present since 1998 promoting economic development, identifying and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who are generating wealth, creating jobs and driving innovation.

Ambassador Mamet stated: “In the Embassy and throughout the United States Government, we believe that entrepreneurship serves as a fundamental path to economic and social improvement.  Here in Argentina, we are working to promote entrepreneurship as part of our efforts to expand trade and investment – but more importantly, we are focused on providing the tools and opportunities directly to innovative start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, incubators and small business development centers, and enabling organizations – like Endeavor – who will make the real impact.”