Ambassador Noah Mamet Visits the City of Mar del Plata

A group photo
Ambassador Mamet with a group of alumni

In his first official trip outside the city of Buenos Aires, Ambassador Noah Mamet visited Mar del Plata.  During the visit, Ambassador Mamet met with city and provincial officials, visited cultural sites and toured the city.

Accompanied by Deputy Chief of Mission Kevin Sullivan, Ambassador Mamet met with the Mayor of General Pueyrredón District, Gustavo Pulti and congratulated him on a successful tourist season.  He later met with Buenos Aires province Governor Daniel Scioli as well as with a group of alumni from U.S. Embassy exchange programs.

Ambassador Mamet accompanied President of the Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires, Jorge Telerman, on a visit to the “Museum of the Sea.”  During the tour, Ambassador Mamet talked about the importance of art in our society and how it can bond people from various cultures and origins.

During his tour of Mar del Plata, Ambassador Mamet remarked,  “Fishing industries and tourism in Mar del Plata have much in common with many cities in California, my home state.” –adding,   “I look forward to working with the Government and the people of this region to strengthen both our cultural and economic relations.”

On Saturday night, Ambassador Mamet attended a Boca vs. River match at José María Minella stadium.  The Ambassador was thrilled to attend one of Argentina’s most important sporting events.