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Ambassador  Scholarship – Summer Work Travel (SWT)
June 7, 2023


The Ambassador Scholarship – Summer Work Travel (SWT)  is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, with the goal of enhancing mutual understanding and supporting public diplomacy efforts between the United States and young people from other countries. The scholarship offers a unique opportunity for university leaders from select countries interested in learning the local culture, improve their English, and strengthen their intercultural skills.


The experience

Ambassador Scholarship recipients will travel to the United States for up to four months during their university summer break. They will be matched with host employers in seasonal communities throughout the United States, and will work in seasonal, entry-level jobs with a high level of interaction with American colleagues and guests. Recipients will meet, work, live with and learn from both people of the United States and other international students while sharing daily experiences.

The Ambassador Scholarship for SWT is a unique public diplomacy program and distinct from the general BridgeUSA Summer Work Travel Program (SWT). For information on SWT, currently offered in more than 150 countries, please visit j1visa.state.gov.


Explore the United States

Build your CV: while working during your program, you will learn skills like American customer service, intercultural competencies, adaptability, and quick, critical thinking.

Travel to your pre-arranged, seasonal job in an iconic U.S. vacation spot where you will work and live for up to 4 months on the Summer Work Travel Program. All SWT participants are eligible for a travel period of up to 30 days following their job end date.


Build your resume, valuable workforce skills and develop global leadership skills

Build transferable skills including American customer service, business and tourism English, intercultural competencies, critical thinking, and adaptability.


Make friends from around the world

Connect with Americans and Summer Work Travel Program participants from all over the world!


Work an awesome Winter job

Experience American working culture and earn wages to support your living and travel expenses during your time in the United States.

Jobs will be entry-level (cashier, waitress, bussing, hotel clerk, lifeguarding, hotel cleaning, etc= and will give you the opportunity to practice English, earn a fair wage, and experience Winter activities.


Scholarship covers

All program fees, round-trip flights to the United States, visa interview, SEVIS fee, and health insurance on program, We ask individuals to bring emergency money just in case.



You are a citizen of Argentina

You have never participated in the Summer Work Travel Program (other U.S. Department of State exchange programs are okay).

You are enrolled full-time and are pursuing studies at an accredited post-secondary, classroom-based, academic institution physically located outside of the United States and have successfully completed at least one semester, or equivalent, of post-secondary academic study.

You are sufficiently proficient in English to successfully interact in an English-speaking environment verified by a mandatory and documented video conference interview.

You have the intention to participate in the cultural aspects of the Summer Work Travel Program and are enthusiastic, motivated, and mature.

You are flexible and willing to go to any job type or location in the United States as assigned by the Ambassadors Fund for SWT Scholarship.


More information

Questions?  htoppen@greenheart.org