American Exchange Students Visit the U.S. Embassy

On January 17th, a group of American students from SUNY Geneseo (State University of New York) visited the U.S. Embassy.  The students were in Buenos Aires to carry out a study program organized by Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia (Friends of Patagonia).  They visited the Embassy at the end of the two week program.

Students were greeted by Public Affairs Counselor Marcia Bosshardt and then talked with ESTH Officer Frank Talluto.  They learned about the Embassy’s work in various fields such as science, technology, environment and health.  The students also asked about joining the Foreign Service.

This is the fifth year of the exchange, made possible by the connection between two alumni: Former Humphrey fellow and member of Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia (Patagonia’s friends Association) Graciela Keskiskian (Argentina) and Fulbright alumnus of SUNY Geneseo, David Aagesen (United States).