American Students Visit the Embassy

During the month of January, students from various American universities visited the U.S. Embassy and the Ambassador’s Residence and had the opportunity to talk with diplomats on a variety of topics.

Law students from universities including DePaul, Mercer, Baltimore, North Dakota, Seattle, among others, were received by the Commercial Counselor James Koloditch, with whom they discussed the bilateral trade relations between Argentina and the United States. These students visited Argentina as part of an exchange program organized by the Catholic University of Argentina.

In addition, a group of New York University and the State University of New York – Geneseo students visited the Ambassador’s Residence, took a tour and talked with diplomats about environmental issues. Norma Gonzales, Director of the Fulbright Commission in Argentina chatted with them about scholarships opportunities.  In addition, a group of students studying Disability Rights came to the Embassy to meet with staff.

These visits are organized in the framework of the 100,000 in the Americas, which promotes exchanges between the United States and other countries in the Americas. Argentina currently receives the highest number of U.S. students in South America every year.