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Argentina: Health Alert (April 9, 2020)
April 9, 2020


Location:  Argentina

Event:  Ethiopian Airlines has canceled flight 507 that was originally scheduled to depart April 11 from Buenos Aires to São Paulo, Brazil.  U.S. citizens who booked this flight should contact Ethiopian Airlines directly for more information (https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/ar).

The Embassy is continuing to engage the Argentine government and commercial airlines to secure approval for additional charter flights. We will communicate any new information as soon as it is available so that passengers may book directly with the airline.  There is no guarantee that other flights will become available anytime soon.

U.S. citizens sheltering in place should be prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period. For the provision of medical care, food, shelter, or other needs, you will need to rely on the Argentine system.

Any questions you may have regarding Argentine visas should be directed to Argentine authorities. If you are staying in Argentina longer than planned, contact Migraciones Argentinas and review the information on their website (https://www.argentina.gob.ar/interior/migraciones).

The Embassy continues to track U.S. citizens seeking to leave Argentina.  If you wish to leave and have not done so already, visit https://ar.usembassy.gov/covid-19, and provide the required information.

Please reference our Embassy webpage on COVID-19 for options and instructions on traveling to Buenos Aires from the provinces. Per Argentine regulations, only travelers with confirmed international flight reservations may travel from the provinces to the Buenos Aires metropolitan area 24 hours in advance of the flight. If your travel to Buenos Aires will take longer than 24 hours, please email the embassy at buenosaires-acs@state.gov.

If you have previously applied for a passport or citizenship service, you should expect significant delays receiving your passport and your citizenship evidence documents. For emergency passport services for U.S. citizens abroad, please email buenosaires-acs@state.gov.

Travelers should be prepared for additional travel restrictions to take effect with little or no advance notice.

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