Argentine College Students Travel to the U.S. to Improve Their English

Ten Argentine college students are traveling to the U.S. today in order to participate in an intensive, four-week English language course at the University of Texas at Austin.

The students visited the Embassy and met with Deputy Chief of Mission, Dan Perrone. During the meeting, the students shared their hopes for the program and discussed the benefits of academic exchanges between the U.S. and Argentina. They were selected to participate in the program by the Cultural Section of the Embassy and the Fulbright Commission.

The following students are attending the English language program:

María Clara López Ordieres from the National University of Comahue, María Florencia Dib Ashur and María Mercedes Caprini Trinca from the National University of Salta, María Florencia Crestan and Franco Emiliano Nora from the National Technology University, Karina Luciana Roitman and Federico Raúl Marcos from the National University of La Plata, Tomás López and Andrés Blanco from the National University of Córdoba and Gustavo Matías Vera Rueda from the National University of San Juan.

The Embassy is sponsoring national and international travel costs, tuition, medical insurance, and living expenses for the students.

The Embassy encourages participants to apply for future academic opportunities such as Bec.AR scholarships, which support Argentines pursuing master’s degrees in science and technology abroad, and other Fulbright Commission programs.