Argentine Entrepreneurs Attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is the preeminent annual entrepreneurship gathering that convenes emerging entrepreneurs, investors and supporters from around the world. GES 2017 will create an environment that empowers innovators, particularly women, to take their ideas to the next level. Through two and a half days of networking, mentoring, and workshops, GES empowers entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, build partnerships, secure funding, innovate, and find their target customers — creating new goods and services that will transform societies. The eighth annual GES will take place in Hyderabad, India on 28-30 November, 2017, and will highlight the theme “Women First, Prosperity for All”,  with a special focus on supporting women entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth globally.

As part of its continuing support of the promotion of entrepreneurship in Argentina, the U.S. Embassy in Argentina sponsored the participation of four Argentine entrepreneurs in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)  2017: Ornela Priotti, Co-founder of Buska Hub Creativo; Celeste Medina Co-founder and CEO of  Ada IT; María Laura García, Founder and President of GlobalNews® Group, and Sebastián Bessone, Managing Partner of SUNE S.R.L.