Argentine Students Travel to the U.S. for an Intensive English Program

A group of eight Argentine university students travelled to the United States to participate in a 4-week English intensive program at the University of Texas at Austin.

Before departing to the United States, the students visited the U.S. Embassy, where they met with Chargé d’Affaires Kevin Sullivan and discussed the value of academic exchanges between Argentina and the United States. The students also met with Fulbright representatives to learn about other academic exchange programs.

Program participants are Mario Rubén Fernández (Universidad Nacional de San Juan), Cristóbal Alejandro Noguera (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán), Nicolás González Foutel (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste), Edgardo López (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Facultad Regional San Rafael), Ramiro Perrotta (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes), Araceli Seiffe (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán), Andrea Margasin (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Facultad Regional Paraná), and Evangelina López (Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto).

All students are in their 3rd or 4th-years at public universities in Argentina and were selected by the Cultural Section and Fulbright Commission in Argentina to participate in this program.

The program was funded by the Embassy, including all costs of international and domestic flights, courses, medical insurance, counsel and travel expenses. The students will also be encouraged to apply for future initiatives such as Bec.AR scholarships or other Fulbright programs.