Argentine Students Travel to the US to Improve Their English

A group of ten outstanding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Argentine university students will travel to the United States on Wednesday, July 15 in order to participate in the intensive, four-week English program “English for Sciences” at the University of Texas at Austin. The Embassy is covering both the national and international costs of the program for the students.

Ambassador Mamet received the students at the Embassy prior to their departure. During the meeting, the students shared with the Ambassador their hopes for the program and discussed the benefits of academic exchanges between the U.S. and Argentina.

While in Buenos Aires, the students met with Fulbright representatives and visited CEAMSE, the National Academy of Sciences and Intel offices in Argentina.

The students participating in the English for Sciences Program are: Pedro Agustín Araujo Dufour (Mendoza); German A. Cañas Lúquez (San Rafael, Mendoza); Juan C. Guerrero Velázquez (Catamarca); Alexander Jonathan Modernel (Quilmes, Buenos Aires); Yamil Emanuel Zimmermann (Chilecito, La Rioja); Silvina B. Cárdenas (La Plata, Buenos Aires); Rosa Sommerfelt (Posadas, Misiones); Antonela Butarelli (Esperanza, Santa Fe); Giuliana Muraca (Quilmes, Buenos Aires), and María Celina Sánchez Cerviño (Córdoba, Capital City).