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Bicentennial BBQ
Fire, Music and Art to Celebrate 200 Years of Friendship Between the U.S. and Argentina
September 1, 2023

Bicentennial BBQ

Ambassador Marc R. Stanley and his wife, Wendy, brought together two stars of international gastronomy at the Bosch Palace to continue to highlight the importance of the bicentennial of diplomatic relations and friendship between the United States and Argentina. Celebrated chefs Francis Mallmann and Kent Rathbun combined the flavors and traditions from Argentina and the U.S.  to create a “Smoke and Fire” BBQ.  

“We gather to celebrate the relationship of two great nations through investment, innovation, and culinary brilliance,” said Ambassador Stanley. “Today we honor American companies that are investing and creating jobs in Argentina, some for more than 100 years. Together, Americans and Argentines produce food, develop software, put satellites in orbit, and we will continue to create together. Our relationship is more than just friendship.” 

The legendary Mallmann teamed up with Kent Rathbun, a renowned Dallas chef, to create a sophisticated menu that blended the best of Argentine and American cuisine. Guests enjoyed a variety of dishes, including empanadas and seafood, different types of BBQ meat and vegetables, and delicious local desserts. 

The event brought together Argentine and American business leaders from leading U.S. companies who invest in Argentina, some for over 100 years, to continue to nourish the deep ties between our countries, both with food and the interchange of ideas. In addition, renowned guests from Argentina’s creative industries joined the event. 

Fireside, Argentine singer Lucas Edi performed a selection of well-known songs from both countries. Adding to the unique setting of this culinary diplomacy event, renowned art curator Daniel Maman lent a selection of sculptures.  


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Bicentennial BBQ

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