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Presentation of Bicentennial post stamp
August 24, 2023

Ambassador Stanley, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero and Correo Argentino authorities presented the bicentennial postage stamp in honor of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Argentina and the United States.

Ambassador Stanley stated that “symbols and gestures matter, and this stamp reflects our strong ties and common values. We are proud of these 200 years of friendship, but we see many more opportunities in the future.”

During the presentation, Minister Cafiero pointed out that the commemorative postage stamp “is one more step in the agenda we set to celebrate 200 years; and this initiative is very important because of its federal character, a possibility that the Correo Argentino gives us through its more than 1500 branches throughout the national territory, a post office that is a source of pride and that defends federalism in a country like ours, eighth in geographic extension globally.”

The vignette designed by the Philately team of Correo Argentino shows the image of the logo of the 200th anniversary of the bilateral relations between Argentina and the United States, with the flags of the two countries intertwined, and decorative details in silver ink. The issue has a print run of 20,000 copies.