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Binational Centers








Binational Centers (BNCs) are American Spaces that support U.S. foreign policy goals by providing technologically modern and welcoming places for direct foreign audience engagement. BNCs in Argentina are NGOs that serve as educational hubs. They offer local people opportunities to learn English and get acquainted with American culture.

The first BNC in Latin America was established in Buenos Aires in 1927 to promote mutual understanding between Argentina and the United States. Since then, BNCs in Argentina have developed and offered a wide variety of activities and services through which they increasingly connect and interact with local communities. Many have cooperated on Mission-driven programs and offer English lessons.

In many occasions, BNCs function as EducationUSA advising centers, testing centers and host English Language Fellows. Some other services they provide include student advising resources, exploration of information of the U.S. via technology, and access to library resources. In most of the cases, their leadership has received some sort of training and/or funds from the US Embassy in Argentina to carry out their activities and support infrastructural projects

Binational Centers