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Emergency Contacts

Local Police: 911
Emergency Medical Services: 107 (Buenos Aires)

Embassy Contacts
Emergencies: +(54-11) 5777-4354


Please note that the ACS Emergency Line is for life or death emergencies involving U.S. citizens only. If you need an emergency passport, please go here. The Embassy cannot assist with emergencies involving non-U.S. citizens.


Dialing Guidance

To call Buenos Aires from outside the country, you must dial the country code (54) followed by the city code (11) before the eight-digit number. If you are calling Buenos Aires from within Argentina, you must dial the city code (011) before the eight-digit number.

Legal Permanent Residents (LPR)

Legal Permanent Residents and non-U.S. citizens should seek assistance from their country’s nearest embassy or consulate.  If you have a question regarding Immigrant and Nonimmigrant visa issues, please visit our Visas section.


The U.S. Embassy in Argentina  seeks to protect the interests and safety of U.S. citizens in Argentina, promotes and strengthens mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and Argentina, and communicates U.S. foreign policy objectives to the Government and people of Argentina.

Bilateral cooperation between the United States and Argentina includes science and technology, environment, political, economic, commercial, agriculture, education, culture and exchange activities.


Privacy Act Written Statement

The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits a U.S. Consular Office from releasing any information about a U.S. citizen without their written consent except as set forth in the Act. A U.S. citizen can complete a Privacy Act Written Statement (Form DS-5505) (PDF 31KB) authorizing a Consular Officer to contact individuals on their behalf and disclose information.

Please note that we will provide the Privacy Act Written Statement to U.S. citizens requesting consular assistance, but we cannot under any circumstances compel an individual to complete and submit the form. We advise U.S. citizens to carefully consider the individuals to whom they authorize disclosure of information.  However, we also note that failure to complete the Privacy Act Written Statement may make it more difficult, or impossible, for the Department of State to provide assistance.

Visas? Contact Us

Issues with your account and the web site to make an appointment for a visa ? Email us at asa_contactus+ar+info+es@visaops.net

Issues with the delivery of passports? Email us at asa_contactus+ar+courier+es@visaops.net

Issues with the visa fee payment? Email us at asa_contactus+ar+mrv+es@visaops.net

For additional information and assistance with the registration process, appointments, and courier service, please contact the Visa and Information Center