Ambassador Mamet at Distritos Globales

A man speaks at a podium
Ambassador Mamet at Distritos Globales (Photo: Dept. of State)

Ambassador Mamet provided welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony of the Buenos Aires City Government’s “Distritos Globales” event on September 10 at the Hotel Panamericano in Buenos Aires. This year’s event focuses on the U.S. experience of developing business clusters and entrepreneurship as engines for economic growth. The other speakers at the opening ceremony were Francisco Cabrera, the Minister of Economic Development for the City of Buenos Aires, and Alejandro Díaz, CEO of AmCham Argentina.

The purpose of the event was to provide a forum for IT experts from the U.S. to share their best practices and to strengthen linkages between the IT clusters in the U.S. and Buenos Aires. Ambassador Mamet highlighted the growth potential of the IT sector and the successes of technology entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Argentina. He also emphasized his intention to create a shared bilateral vision on specific topics such as the promotion of business clusters as a tool for urban economic and social development, and the strengthening of international linkages between companies in Buenos Aires and potential business partners in the U.S. Speakers at the event included representatives of technology clusters in Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Ambassador Mamet stated his determination to build on common areas of interest by strengthening ties between the two countries, including academic institutions, economic clusters, and person-to-person connections. He emphasized how excited he is at the Embassy about the opportunity to support the growth of economic clusters in Argentina and to connect them with similar efforts in the U.S. He congratulated the excellent work of the Distrito Tecnologico and the conference presenters.