Drug Addiction Expert Visits Argentina

Dr. Hendree Jones, director of the Horizons substance abuse treatment program and University of North Carolina professor of obstetrics and gynecology, visited Argentina June 23-27 on an  Embassy-sponsored speakers program.  During her visit, Dr. Jones shared her groundbreaking work caring for and treating pregnant women and children suffering from substance addiction.  Her work has taken her to a number of countries outside the United States, including to Brazil, where she developed an innovative approach to helping children addicted to “paco.”  While in Argentina, Dr. Jones spoke with the National Congress, SEDRONAR, Buenos Aires City and Province health officials and practitioners, non-governmental organizations, and a broad range of stakeholders in Rosario, Santa Fe.  Her visit also took her to meet residents of and secular and religious organizations working in Villa 21-24, Rosario’s primary maternity hospital, and a treatment facility caring for young mothers.