#EmbassyOnTheRoad to Neuquen

#EmbassyOnTheRoad continues to travel to provinces outside Buenos Aires to learn more about Argentina. This time, we returned to Neuquén, a province that creates much interest for being young and innovative, and for sharing strong connections to the oil sector of the United States. The delegation, led by Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Albert Kraaimoore visited the province on March 22-23.

During the visit, the Embassy team met with members of Neuquen’s provincial and local governments to discuss areas of bilateral interest. The delegation visited businesses and met with gas and oil specialists. Among other activities, the group also promoted student exchange programs among universities and students in the region. It also hosted an “American Night” for U.S. and Argentine citizens interested in traveling or studying in the United States.

The La Mañana daily published an interview with ADCM Kraaimoore (+ link to https://www.lmneuquen.com/neuquen-importa-ser-joven-e-innovadora-n585653)