Key Officers

  • Chargé d’Affaires: MaryKay Carlson
  • Acting Deputy Chief of Mission: Christopher L. Andino
  • Public Affairs Office (PAS): Michelle L. Riebeling
  • Political Section: James O’Mealia
  • Economic Section: Ernest J. Abisellan
  • Commercial Section: Rick A. De Lambert
  • Management Section: Chance Sullivan
  • General Services Office (GSO): Francoise Baramdyka
  • Regional Security Office (RSO): Aaron LaFortune
  • Consular Section: Catherine E. Holt
  • Environment, Science, Technology & Health: James-Michael Saxton-Ruiz
  • Defense Attaché Officer: Eddie W. Ortiz
  • Agriculture Section (FAS): Melinda Meador
  • Drug Enforcement Agency: Steven G. Genevish
  • Department of Homeland Security: David Emond
  • FBI Office: Murry T. Streetman

Updated: February 2021