Embassy’s commitment with the environment

The Embassy celebrated the opening of the Climate Change Conference (COP21) held in Paris, and reaffirmed its commitment to global efforts that protect the environment. Ambassador Noah Mamet inaugurated the new solar panels that will power part of the Embassy compound. “This project is the first concrete step towards optimization of energy consumption at the Embassy that will help counteract the climate change impact that concerns us all,” said the Ambassador. The musician Charly Alberti, founder of the environmental organization R21, also spoke during the event.

The Ambassador highlighted the fact that the new solar system consists of 72 panels that provide nearly 11 Kilowatts on a sunny day, enough to power a 2-to-3-room household in the United States.

Ambassador Mamet also noted that in the last year, the Embassy recycled more than 2,500 kg of paper and that the Buenos Aires Consular Immigrant Visa Section is one of the first U.S. Consular Sections in the world to start eliminating the use of paper in its application processes, replacing it with electronic documents.