English Access Participants in an English immersion camp in Cordoba

For three days in November, 80 high school students attending the Access Scholarship Program attended an English immersion camp in Rio Ceballos, Córdoba.  The program, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Argentina also featured 10 alumni of the Youth Ambassadors Program who volunteered at the camp.  All participants had the opportunity to strengthen their English communication skills through engaging learning activities and close interaction with native speakers, including IICANA’s English Language Fellow. Participants were selected for this program based on their communication and leadership skills and commitment to service during the program.

The gathering offered students the opportunity to expand their academic knowledge outside of the classroom, and to share with their peers their interest in the English language and the culture of the United States. In addition, this year´s exciting and inspiring camp was designed to boost their self-confidence, and learn about personal talents.

In Argentina, the Access English micro-scholarship program sponsored by the U.S. government has benefited 1720 students since 2009. These scholarships offer talented youth who might not usually have the financial means, the opportunity to learn English as a tool with which to access better jobs and educational opportunities in the future.