English Language Fellow, Mathilde Verillaud, Participated in the SHARE Convention for ELF teachers

The current EL Fellow, Ms. Verillaud, participated in the 9th annual SHARE Convention, held in Buenos Aires on July 31 and August 1, 2014.  Ms. Mathilde Verillaud gave a semi-plenary session on “Selfies: a Fast Track to Boost Students’ Motivation” which was attended by over 350 EFL teachers and advanced students. This presentation focused on how to use the Selfie, an emblematic tool of Generation Y students, to enhance the four skills (Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing) as well as critical-thinking and creative skills.

The audience was very engaged and enthusiastically brainstormed in pairs and small groups.  Many participants talked to Ms. Verillaud after the presentation and personally expressed their interest in incorporating the use of photography in their own classroom. Ms. Verillaud took advantage of this opportunity to network with over 700 teachers from throughout Argentina and neighboring countries.