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English Language Teaching and Learning is one of the U.S. Embassy’s top priorities. English language skills are necessary to compete in today’s global market. The worlds of science, technology, and international business use English as their common language.  English Language skills are also important to understanding U.S culture and values in Argentina and to help promote dialogue and discussion between our two countries.  Our goal is to promote mutual understanding and knowledge between the United States and Argentina, and our English language resources are an important part of achieving this goal. The U.S. Embassy in Argentina offers resources, training and development opportunities for teachers, scholarships for secondary students and programming intended to assist the English teaching and learning communities in Argentina. Speakers and Specialists in the English Teaching field from the United States, along with Speakers of Opportunity, all serve to support this initiative. The Embassy also provides institutional and/or economic support to local organizers for events promoting English Language teaching and learning.

Other activities in connection with our English Teaching program are the E-Teacher courses (online training for EFL teachers) as well as the ESP (English for Specific Purposes, such as English for Journalists).

We are also pleased to offer the online resources in this webpage for English language teachers and program administrators to support their teaching of English and American Studies & Culture. English language learners can also find useful information among these tools.  These resources are in the public domain and can be used for both research and classroom teaching purposes.