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Foreign Agricultural Service

This is the Home Page for USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) office in Argentina.  The office, located in Buenos Aires, is responsible for representing U.S. agricultural interests in the southern cone countries of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Our office represents the interests of U.S. farmers and the U.S. food and agricultural sector in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Our mission is to improve market access for U.S. products, to promote U.S. agricultural exports to the three countries and improve dialogue between the three governments and the United States related to agriculture and agricultural issues in order to strengthen our relationships.

We assist U.S. companies that export food, beverages, and other agro industrial products to enter the Argentine, Paraguayan, and Uruguayan markets.  We also assist local importers to find U.S. suppliers for needed agricultural products.

Our Services

USDA’s Agricultural Research Service is active in the region in researching invasive species, soy rust, and biofuel development.  To learn more about ARS please click here


  • Commodity Reports:  We provide periodic supply and demand estimates of agricultural commodities such as oilseeds, grains, seeds, citrus, canned fruit, wine, sugar, dairy, livestock, and poultry, among others, with a wealth of data about the individual markets.
  • Sector Reports:  We report on and provide important data about various sectors including biotechnology and new technologies, organics, forestry, biofuels, and cotton.
  • FAIRS reporting: The FAIRS reports are market access reports offering detailed overviews of labeling and import requirements for food and agricultural products, food legislation and standards.
  • Exporter Guides: The Office of Agricultural Affairs also prepare periodic exporter guides describing national economic situations, market structures and trends, key players involved in export expansion, exporter tips and best high-value prospects.

To see a list of the reports available please click here.

Technical visits and training: FAS leads USDA’s efforts to help developing countries improve their agricultural systems and build their trade capacity. FAS/Buenos Aires leads this effort in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay to build market-driven institutions and science-based regulatory frameworks that facilitate trade and create an environment conducive to agricultural growth.

To learn more of FAS’s  international programs please click here.

Our Staff

Rachel E. Bickford, Counselor for Agricultural Affairs
Phone – 5411-5777-4627
E-mail: Rachel.Bickford@usda.gov

Benjamin Boroughs, Agricultural Attaché
Phone – 5411-5777-4336
E-mail: ben.boroughs@usda.gov 

  • Oilseeds and Products Reporting
  • Food Safety Coordinator

Kenneth Joseph, Senior Agricultural Specialist
Phone – 5411-5777-4406
E-mail: Kenneth.Joseph@fas.usda.gov

  • Overall Argentine Agricultural Policy
  • Grain and Feed Reporting
  • Livestock Reporting
  • Sugar Reporting
  • Bio Fuels

Maria Julia Balbi, Agricultural Specialist
Phone – 5411-5777-4704
E-mail: Maria.Balbi@fas.usda.gov

  • Overall Uruguayan Agricultural Policy
  • Food Safety Analyst
  • Codex
  • FAIRS reporting
  • Horticultural Products Reporting

Andrea Yankelevich, Marketing Specialist
Phone – 5411-5777-4644
E-mail: Andrea.Yankelevich@fas.usda.gov

  • Overall Paraguayan Agricultural Policy
  • Marketing Programs
  • Trade Shows
  • Exporter Guides
  • Consumer Products
  • Cochran Program
  • Biotechnology and New Technologies Analyst
  • Dairy Reporting
  • Poultry Reporting
  • Wine Reporting

Mariana Prosperi, Agricultural Assistant
Phone – 5411-5777-4579
E-mail: Mariana.Prosperi@fas.usda.gov

  • Organic Sector
  • Forestry
  • Cotton
  • Marketing Programs
  • Budget
  • Travel

Ariel Cieri, Driver/Clerk
Phone – 5411-5777-4294
E-mail: Ariel.Cieri@fas.usda.gov

  • Press issues
  • Statistics

APHIS in Argentina

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health and Inspection Service (APHIS) is also located in Buenos Aires and carries out the following activities in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay:

  • Represent the U.S. in sanitary and phytosanitary standard-setting organizations
  • Serves as technical experts on matters of plant and animal health
  • Promotes the health of plant and animal resources a well as facilitating their movement in the global market place
  • Works with FAS in resolving trade impediments related to sanitary issues

To find out more about APHIS, including requirements to import a pet to the United States, click on http://www.aphis.usda.gov/

Contact Us

The Office Covers: Paraguay and Uruguay
Office Hours: 8:45 AM – 5:45 PM
Telephone: (011-54-11) 5777-4627
Tel-Embassy: (011-54-11) 5777-4533
Fax: (011-54-11) 5777-4216
Email: agbuenosaires@fas.usda.gov