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October 19, 2023

The U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires may accept groups of at least 3 participants that meet the following requirements:

Petition-based visas (H, O and P):

  • H: groups of agricultural workers.
  • O and P: groups of artists or athletes traveling to perform in an artistic or athletic event in the U.S.

B1/B2 visas:

  • National teams travelling to represent the Argentine Republic and/or other professional sports teams travelling to the U.S. may be eligible.

If one of the above criteria is met or you wish to confirm eligibility, please, contact the following email address: buenosairesgroups@state.gov.


  • Please, do not pay the visa fee before receiving confirmation that your request will be processed through the Groups Program.
  • Only group members may participate in this program. Family members and/or other individuals who wish to travel with the group will not be accepted and will have to go through the regular process.
  • Family groups are not eligible for the Groups Program and will have to go through the regular process.