International Comic Convention Crack Bang Boom

Crack Bang Boom Comic ConventionFrom August 13 -16, the city of Rosario, Santa Fe will be hosting the sixth annual international comic convention Crack Bang Boom. Crack Bang Boom, one of the most esteemed comic conventions in South America, brings together some of the most talented Argentine and foreign comic artists and editors to discuss international comics with a focus on better understanding Argentine comics, a growing and recognized industry. In addition to being known for the incredible talent it brings, the convention also creates a space that generates important dialogue between experts and up-and-comers in the industry.

This year, the U.S. Embassy is sponsoring the participation of two notable U.S. experts from the comics industry, Jill Thompson and Eddie Berganza. Jill Thompson is an award-winning American comic book writer and illustrator, best known for her original creations, Magic Trixie and the Scary Godmother. Eddie Berganza is the Superman Group Editor at DC Entertainment. We are excited to welcome our guests to Argentina!