Justice Goes to School 2014

U.S. Political Counselor Ken Roy offered opening remarks at the final mock trial session of the “Justice Goes to School” Program. The Association of Magistrates and Asociación Conciencia organized the event held at the Human Rights Hall of the Supreme Court of Justice. Over 200 students, judges, prosecutors and defenders participated in the session. Since 2005, the U.S. Embassy has sponsored this program that pairs judges with local schools from various provinces. This year students from the City and the Province of Buenos Aires participated in the event.  As part of this program, judges visit schools to talk with students about how the justice system works in Argentina; i.e. the role of judges and how they carry out their duties.

As part of the activities, judges present mock cases for the students to enact and resolve so that they better understand the legal system and develop more confidence in this key democratic institution.

During the event, Political Counselor Ken Roy said: “For me, as a lawyer, and for my colleagues at the Embassy, it is an honor and a privilege to participate in this program that has been bringing justice to youth for several years as part of a learning experience highlighting many of the values we share: tolerance of diverse views, respect for institutions, the search for solutions to conflicts and responsible decision-making through debate and dialogue.”