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Minor Passport (age 15 and under)

This service requires an appointment.

IMPORTANT: The names of all non-applicants who plan to accompany the applicant to the Embassy (such as parents who must appear with their child who is under 16 or other minor siblings) should be listed in the box provided on the appointment form.

April 13, 2023

Passport applicants are required to utilize the online Passport Wizard.   You should ensure all applicable data fields are completed, print the form, and bring to your appointment with other required documents.  Do not sign the application until your interview with a Consular Officer.


All applicants age 15 and under must complete and bring Form DS-11.

Passports for Children

All children must appear in person. Parents must sign the passport application for all children under age 16. The child’s birth certificate, parents’ or guardians’ own passports or other legal identification, and a copy of the court-ordered guardianship, if applicable, are required. If the old passport contains a baby photo, you will need to present progression photos to verify identity of the applicant.

If one parent is unavailable to appear at the Embassy, an original, notarized Statement of Consent is required, along with a copy of the absent parent’s signed photo identification, which was presented to the notary.  The Statement of Consent is only valid for a period of 90 days.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Completed passport application form,
  • Original birth certificate of the child + copy,
  • Previous U.S. passport, if applicable + copy (data page only),
  • One (1) 5 cm x 5 cm passport photograph,
  • If available, any additional current government ID (e.g. Argentine DNI, Argentine Passport, U.S. Driver’s license, military ID, foreign passport, etc.) + copy
  • Social Security number. It is mandatory to provide your Social Security Number if you were ever issued an SSN, and failure to provide the SSN may delay the passport application process.  For questions regarding your social security number, or how to apply for a number, please inquire with our Federal Benefits Office.
  • Passport fee: USD 135 paid via Pay.gov
  • Payment receipt
  • If the passport submitted contains a baby photo or the person has changed a lot, you will need to present progression photos to verify the physical development and identity.
  • DHL Waybill for delivery of passport (Available DHL Stores)