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Mission’s Public Affairs Small Grants Program – Frequently Asked Questions

I want to apply to the Small Grants Program, but my institution does not have a SAM registry, can I still do it?
In this application instance, the SAM registration is not required, so you can leave the space blank in the forms. Registration will be required at the time the project is selected, and the Embassy will grant a reasonable amount of time to carry out said registration.

In addition to the application form, what other forms are mandatory for my application to be accepted?Forms SF-424 and SF-424A must be submitted together with the application form. In them, you will find fields for which you probably do not have the information to complete. It doesn’t matter, those items can be left blank and move on to the next box. The important thing is that the form is complete to the best of your knowledge and belief. In the event that the proposal is subsequently accepted, and a review of the data included there is needed, the applicants will be informed.
We highlight that the SF424A form has only 4 categories to budget, on the other hand, in the form where the proposal is presented (file in Word format) you have the possibility of having a well itemized budget. Normally you have to group the costs into 4 categories. They are usually Travel, Contractual, Equipment, Supplies.
In this first stage of application, simply fill in the information you have. The one you do not know, leave the boxes BLANK.

We would like to apply for the Fund Program for cooperation and exchange projects and we have some doubts about it, namely:

  • Should the actions be carried out in Argentina or in both countries?
    The project must be carried out in the Argentine Republic
  • What is the project execution period?
    It is our interest that the program does not extend beyond 2 years in its execution.

We would like to know if the same institution / organization can present two projects for the same call?
The answer is yes. There is no impediment for the two projects to be presented at the same time.

How is the money disbursed?
The money agreed for the program is disbursed in pesos and in stages. The number of stages and amounts to be disbursed are agreed upon once the project has been chosen by the panel. It is recommended to bear in mind that disbursements are subject to the receipt of reports that demonstrate the progress of the program.

Can I designate another organization to receive the funds?
No. The funds are deposited in the bank account of the individual or entity with whom the agreement is signed. You cannot derive payments to third parties.

Is there a standard form or format to make the reports?
Narrative reports do not have a standard form or format. It is essential that the host organization demonstrate, through the means that is clearest to it, if the project’s objectives have been achieved or not, and in what way. Instead, financial reports (expense reports) are prepared through a form for this purpose.