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National Youth Science Camp 2023 Participants
March 31, 2023


Martín Bravo (La Rioja), and Emma Moretti (Buenos Aires) were selected to participate in the 2023 National Youth Science Camp. The camp will take place between June 19 and July 12, 2023 and will have a hybrid program that includes both virtual and face-to-face activities. The first five days will be virtual (June 19-23) and the remaining days (June 24-July 12), the camp will take place at Camp Pocahontas located in West Virginia, United States.

Congratulations to them!



Martín Bravo is 18 years old and lives in La Rioja Capital. He studies at the General San Martín Pre-University College, where he specializes in Management and Administration of Organizations. Martín has excelled in various competitions and projects related to technology and sustainability, such as the Technological Olympiad, the Tekoha Eco sustainable project incubator, and robotics competitions at the provincial level. His great passion for technology has led him to want to study Mechatronic Engineering to be part of a technological change and innovation in society and industry.


Emma Moretti is 16 years old. She’s from Quilmes, Buenos Aires. She’s currently attending the fifth year at the Instituto Eduardo L. Holmberg High School, sciences orientation. She participated in chemistry and mathematics olympiad, reaching national instances and being awarded a gold medal in the first level of the Argentine Chemistry Olympics. She would like to study Engineering in Renewable Energies in the future.