Native Jazz Trio in Argentina

American jazz band Native Jazz Trio, performed and delivered jazz music workshops in different Argentine cities from April 26-30, 2014, engaging with different audiences such as youth, students, and the general public, to promote jazz and music education as ways of bringing together Argentine and American cultures.

The Embassy worked with American Music Abroad and Municipio de Vicente Lopez (Province of Buenos Aires) to put together a Native Jazz Trio performance at Teatro York, in Olivos, to kick-off the trio’s Argentine leg of their Latin America tour. Consul General Daniel Perrone and Mayor Jorge Macri attended the concert. On the following day, and as part of the Embassy celebration of USA Day at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, the Native Jazz Trio performed for over 400 people. The musicians shared their professional and personal backgrounds, and also how their music had been influenced by them.

On April 29, the Native Jazz Trio delivered two three-hour workshops at Gilardo Gilardi Music Conservatory in La Plata. More than 150 music students aged 15 to 25 actively participated in the activities proposed by the musicians. On the following day, a music workshop was hosted by Escuela de Bellas Artes high school (Universidad Nacional de La Plata) in La Plata for their students. The final event was a talk about jazz with live music held at ICANA for a general audience. Jazz fans and music lovers gathered to exchange ideas about jazz and enjoy an acoustic performance.