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Pride Week at the Bosch Palace: Art, Generative AI and Common Values
November 6, 2023

The Bosch Palace will be transformed into an immersive canvas during the Pride Week in Argentina, November 3-12, 2023, in a pioneering approach to prompt engineering and digital art will enable a high-quality façade mapping projection. 

LGBTQI+ artists and allies, from both Argentina and the United States, committed to equality, gender inclusion, and freedom of expression will collaborate with UXArts in combining existing art with 3D projection mapping and generative AI technology. 

This artistic event will celebrate existing commitments in both our nations to free expressions of identity and speech, as well support the rights of same-sex couples to marry and live without discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender, empowering artists to produce new forms of expression and dialogue, and democratizing access to arts.  

We continue to celebrate 200 years of diplomatic relations and friendship between the United States and Argentina honoring diversity, respect and advocating and defending human rights for all. 



Participating artists 

Argentina – Curated by Maria José Herrera. 

Nicolás García Uriburu
Edgardo Giménez
Marta Minujin
Julio Le Parc
Delia Cancela
Chiachio & Giannone
Claudio Stamato
Andrea Nogueira Pasut
XReal-Isla El Descanso
Marie Orensanz
Bastón Díaz
Dorita Isdatne
Gyula Kosice
Miguel Ángel Vidal
Eduardo MacEntyre
Cristian MacEntyre
Roger MacEntyre
Eduardo Rodríguez
Perla Benveniste
Martha Boto
Gregorio Vardanega
Ary Brizzi
Rogelio Polesello
Rafael Parratoro
Alberto Echegaray
Beto Resano


US Artists: Curated by Kristina Newhouse  

Linda Besemer
Timothy Nolan
Aubrey Longley-Cook


Artistic Director and Executive Producer: Felipe Durán 

Legal Advisor: Claudio Stamato 

Tech Director: Beto Resano 

Prompt Specialist: Lucas Arias 

Donors: Alec Oxenford and Amalia Amoedo