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Public Diplomacy Strategic Programs
2024 Annual Call
January 17, 2024


Notice of Funding Opportunity


Funding Opportunity Title:             U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires PAS Strategic Programs

Funding Opportunity Number:      PAS-AR200-FY24-03

Deadline for Applications:              See deadlines in Programs Description Section below

CFDA Number:                                19.040 – Public Diplomacy Programs

Total Amount Available:                 Amount pending funds availability.

Minimum for Each Award:              $10,000

Maximum for Each Award:            $100,000


    The U.S. Embassy Argentina Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce its Public Diplomacy Annual Call for Strategic Programs. This statement outlines our funding priorities, strategic themes, and procedures for submitting requests for funding. Different submission deadlines apply for each of the projects described. Please read and follow all the instructions below.


Purpose: PAS invites proposals from academic, cultural, educational, and other non-profit organizations and/or individuals that strictly adhere to the U.S. Embassy goals and objectives described for each of the programs below.

PAS will evaluate those proposals that focus exclusively on the development of one or more of the following strategic programs:

A) Title:
International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) On Demand:

10-day travel of 16 young leaders from all the Argentine political spectrum to the United States to explore U.S. social, economic and political processes. The travel will include overviews of the U.S. political system, economy and trade relations with emerging economies, the judicial system, business development, U.S.–Argentina relations, and experience American society and culture. A visit to Washington, DC and one more U.S. city as well is required. The Public Affairs Section will work in conjunction with the applicant to define the list of participants.

Strategic Goal: Good governance. Shared democratic principles.

Maximum amount to fund: US$20,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024.


B) Title: Empowering Women Leaders in Congress and Local Legislatures:

Training program to build capacity among young and rising staffers in the Argentine Congress and local legislatures to identify, analyze, support, and provide gender-responsive policy solutions to one another and elected members and institutionalize democratic concepts and good governance by exposing them to U.S. models of women’s political empowerment and public policy. Primary direct beneficiaries will include an estimated 75 young, mid-level, male and female, rising-star staffers, employed at both the national and provincial level, with leadership potential, who will undergo trainings to apply gender-perspective tools, leadership, communication, and strategic skills to support gender-responsive policies, advocacy, allyship and women’s empowerment.

Strategic Goal: Good governance. Shared democratic principles. Human Rights, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA).

Maximum amount to fund: US$100,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 29, 2024.


C) Title: Empowering Women Leaders in Argentine Labor Unions:

Training program aimed at empowering women leaders in Argentine labor unions through a series of workshops aimed at addressing key issues on the agenda of the organization of women leaders “Mesa de Mujeres Fuerza Sindical,” a highly committed group of women leaders that has vast experience in union organizing and leadership, and to expand their reach to potential women leaders from other Argentine labor unions, by offering a forum for training and reflection on gender perspectives, diversity, masculinities and gender equity in the world of labor, highlighting a historical perspective on labor unionism in the United States.

Estimated number of beneficiaries: 100 women. Duration of the program: 10 months.

Strategic Goal: Good governance. Shared democratic principles. Human Rights, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA).

Maximum amount to fund: US$20,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 29, 2024.


D) Title: Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE):

4month program to train one cohort of 30 Argentine women in entrepreneurial concepts. The applicant shall provide the participants with insights in marketing, soft skills, management trends, strategic planning, and motivational skills.

Strategic Goal: Shared prosperity and economic development. Human Rights, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA). Women Empowerment.

Maximum amount to fund: US$20,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024.


E) Title: Alumni Groups Meeting and Networking Event:

Summit and networking event for alumni of U.S. government exchange programs to strengthen the identity of the alumni community as agents of change focusing on DEIA principles and encourage the alumni network to occupy a leading role in favor of democracy and human rights through projects that highlight shared values between Argentina and the United States.

Estimated number of beneficiaries: 100 alumni who will participate in a summit that will include talks and workshops led by experts and professionals (alumni and non-alumni) in different areas related to DEIA issues.

Strategic Goal: Good governance. Shared democratic principles. Human Rights, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA).

Maximum amount to fund: US$25,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024.


F) Title: Argentina TESOL Annual Convention:

Implementation of a two-day convention for approximately 300 teachers of English, to take place tentatively in the city of Quilmes. The program shall offer English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals from Argentina and other countries an opportunity for professional development. The convention will be a vehicle to exchange ideas and best practices, enhance their knowledge of ELT matters, keep up with current trends, engage in projects, learn about other settings, and have the chance to meet international speakers.

Strategic Goal: Good governance. Shared democratic principles. Education. Future Leaders.

Maximum amount to fund: US$10,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: July 31, 2024.


G) Title: Empowering Youth program:

The program shall be directed to 30 young adolescents between 15 to 18 years old, attending public schools, living in 10 different provinces, preferably from north and central Argentina. It will consist of a 6month virtual mentoring program to engage teens to work with inclusion and gender diversity challenges through speaker presentations, games, and workshops on DEIA with an in-person closing event in one of the participating provinces. The participants shall engage with American experts and USG program alumni mentors.

Strategic Goal: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA). Emerging Voices. Gender.

Maximum amount to fund: US$25,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024.


H) Title: Promote Democracy Among Youth:

3month virtual training to promote democracy among 20 young university students. The training will be focused on how Argentine democratic institutions work to identify and develop university student leaders.

Strategic Goal: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA). Emerging Voices.

Maximum amount to fund: US$15,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: March 31, 2024.


I) Title: Study of the United States Program:

Duration: 10months (one academic year).

Objective: To offer in depth knowledge and expertise on contemporary U.S. values, institutions, and policies, focusing on foreign policy and national security issues, by organizing courses, seminars and conferences oriented both for university students, graduate, and future opinion leaders following their studies. The program will be led by an American professor and by a local professor trained in the United States.

Areas of implementation: Argentine provinces and City of Buenos Aires

Strategic Goal: Good governance. Shared democratic principles. Education. Future opinion leaders.

Number of awards: PAS plans to issue multiple awards.

Maximum amount per award: US$20,000

Maximum total amount to fund: US$78,600 (This total is for all the awards combined)

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 29, 2024.


J) Title: Bilingual Science Camp:

Audience: High school students (3rd to 5th years) interested in science, technology,   engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Objective: To offer participants a space to learn, explore and experiment on a variety of scientific fields. Participants shall be motivated to exchange ideas, develop an interest for more specific STEM-related subjects, thus creating a clear path for their futures.

Duration: 4-day virtual seminar and one-day camp (in-person).

Areas of implementation: Salta, Tucuman, Jujuy and Santiago del Estero.

Strategic Goal: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA). Emerging Voices.

Maximum amount to fund: US$14,000

Proposal Submission Deadline: August 31, 2024.


All awards must include a U.S. element or a clear, explicit connection with experts, organizations, or institutions from the United States in a specific field that will promote increased understanding of U.S. policy, values, and perspectives.


Examples of types of prior projects include, but are not limited to:

  • S. experts conducting speaking tours/public talks or roundtable discussions with counterparts in Argentina.
  • Joint U.S.-Argentina conferences or workshops that produce concrete advances or other
  • Programs that expand U.S. Department of State American Spaces
  • Projects showcasing U.S. best practices, models, or
  • Development of initiatives aimed at maintaining contact with alumni of U.S. government exchange


Priority Region: Project activities must take place or be initiated in Argentina and be directed toward Argentinian audiences/participants.


Activities not approved include, but are not limited to:

  •  Investments that primarily benefit only one or a few businesses or individuals,
  • Scholarships for the study of English; conference attendance or study tours to the United States,
  • Proposals that are inherently political in nature or that contain the appearance of partisanship/support or electoral campaigns,
  • Proposals with the main purpose of publication of books/pamphlets/websites/applications,
  • Exclusively scientific research projects,
  • Projects that require more than two years to implement,
  • Purchase of equipment, vehicles, construction, or construction materials,
  • Exchange programs with countries other than the U.S. and Argentina,
  • Programs or exchanges focused on children under 13 years of age,
  • Projects that support specific religious activities.


 Authorizing legislation, type, and year of funding:

Funding authority rests primarily in Smith-Mundt Fiscal Year 2024 Public Diplomacy funding.

PAS will consider applications for continuation grants funded under these awards beyond the initial budget period on a non-competitive basis subject to availability of funds, satisfactory progress of the program, and a determination that continued funding would be in the best interest of the U.S. Department of State.

Grants will be awarded in amounts between $10,000 and $100,000 U.S. dollars. Payments will be made either in U.S. Dollars or its equivalent in pesos.  Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate cost-sharing, public-private partnerships, cooperation among multiple partners, or innovative means to implement cost savings in their proposals.

PAS reserves the right to award less or more than the funds requested.  In general, up to 20% of the award total is withheld as a final payment to ensure final reports completion.  All successful applicants receive the terms and conditions of the award upon selection.

A review committee will evaluate each application submitted under this call for proposals.  The evaluation criteria assess the quality and likelihood of a proposal’s success.  The specific criteria are closely related and are considered as a whole in judging the overall quality of an application.  Applications will be reviewed on the basis of their coherence, clarity, and attention to detail. Selection decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

To receive a grant, applicant organizations must have an active registration in www.SAM.gov. Registration is free of charge.

For-profit or commercial entities are not eligible to apply.  

 In those cases where a legal representative signs the agreement, s/he must be duly empowered to execute agreements on behalf of the organization.


Submission Requirements: All applicants must present an executive summary of the proposed project. There is no mandatory format for this summary, but it will have to contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • A statement of the issue to be addressed and the action proposed.
  • A complete narrative of the actual proposal.
  • A clear definition of the audience (age, quantity, socio-economic status).
  • Region(s) where the project will be performed.
  • Budget with major breakdown of expenses.
  • A monitoring / evaluation plan.


Please ensure that:

  • The executive summary clearly addresses the goals and objectives of this funding opportunity.
  • The executive summary shall not exceed four pages.
  • All documents are in English.
  • The budget is expressed in U.S. Dollars.

Please, send the completed executive summary to US-ArgentinaGrants@state.gov



 Proposals will be considered and evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Strong U.S. exchange component: Proposals must explicitly state how the project exchanges ideas or people between Argentina and the United States – e.g., a speaker, a trainer, an artist, a partnership with an NGO, etc.
  • Completeness: The proposal must complete all the requirements outlined in this call.
  • Clarity of purpose: The proposal must explain why the project is important and how it responds to a specific need as well as how it seeks to address one of the above-mentioned priority areas.
  • Attainable objectives: The objectives must be realistic and measurable.  Proposals must demonstrate how the activities will meet project objectives and how these objectives will be measured.  The staff and budget of the proposal must be adequate and appropriate to meet project objectives.
  • Project planning and development: The project must be well-designed and provide a work plan with specific details, including project activities, schedule, and itemized budget.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: The proposal must demonstrate how the project will be monitored and evaluated.  A commitment to submit a Narrative and a Financial Report in the middle and at the end of the program is required.
  • Sustainability: The proposal must describe how the project will continue in long-term, with or without the U.S. grant funding.
  • Innovation: The Grants Review Committee will give priority to proposals that present an innovative strategy, new and creative activities.
  • Alumni and American Spaces involvement: Proposals that include specific details to incorporate alumni of U.S. Government programs and/or American Spaces (binational centers) into the development of the project will be given prioritized consideration.


Reporting Requirements: All awards issued under this announcement will require both digitalized program and financial reports on a frequency specified in the award agreement signed. The disbursement of funds will be tied to submission of these mandatory reports in a timely manner. All other details related to award administration will be specified in the award agreement as well.

Review and Selection process: A Grants Review Committee will evaluate all eligible applications. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing. In the case of unsuccessful applications, the Embassy shall not provide the reasons for the rejection.



  1. Federal Award Notices

The grant award or cooperative agreement will be written, signed, awarded, and administered by the Grants Officer. The assistance award agreement is the authorizing document, and it will be provided to the recipient for review and signature by email. The recipient may only start incurring project expenses beginning on the start date shown on the grant award document signed by the Grants Officer.

If a proposal is selected for funding, the Department of State has no obligation to provide any additional future funding. Renewal of an award to increase funding or extend the period of performance is at the discretion of the Department of State.

Issuance of this Notice of Funding Opportunity does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the U.S. government, nor does it commit the U.S. government to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals. Further, the U.S. government reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received.

  1. Administrative and National Policy Requirements

Terms and Conditions: Before submitting an application, applicants should review all the terms and conditions and required certifications which will apply to this award, to ensure that they will be able to comply.  These include: 2 CFR 200, 2 CFR 600, Certifications and Assurances, and the Department of State Standard Terms and Conditions, all of which are available at the Related Documents tab of this announcement.

Note the U.S Flag branding and marking requirements in the Standard Terms and Conditions.



 If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact PAS at  US-ArgentinaGrants@state.gov


Note: We do not provide any pre-consultation for application-related questions that are addressed in this Notice of Funding Opportunity. Once an application has been submitted, U.S. Embassy Argentina staff may not discuss this competition with applicants until the entire proposal review process is completed.


The U.S. Embassy in Argentina will not provide any information as to why a proposal was not selected and the panel decision shall not be appealed. Nevertheless, those non-selected applicants will be able to participate in future calls for proposals.