Ambassador Mamet Visits San Miguel District, Greater Buenos Aires

A group of people in a market
Ambassador Mamet with the people of San Miguel (Photo: Dept. of State)

On September 2, Ambassador Noah Mamet visited the Greater Buenos Aires district of San Miguel with Father Rodrigo Zarazaga, the Director of the Center for Investigation and Social Action (CIAS). Rafael Velasco, Priest of San Jose Parish which was founded by Pope Francisco, gave Ambassador Mamet a tour of the historic Colegio Maximo. Pope Francisco previously spent many years as a student, professor and finally as rector at the institution.

Ambassador Mamet also visited the Mitre neighborhood’s agency of Foundation Protagonizar, a microcredit lending organization. Established in 1999 within the Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Lujan, the Foundation now has four different agencies offering innovative micro-financing to groups of entrepreneurs. Three-fourths of their credit recipients are female.

Ambassador Mamet met with several local entrepreneurs who were able to jumpstart their own businesses thanks to the Foundation’s credit program.  Ambassador Mamet also learned about homegrown educational initiatives in San Miguel.