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Statement of Sen. Tim Kaine on the 200th Anniversary of the United States and Argentina bilateral relations
January 27, 2023

January 27, 2023, marks the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States of America and Argentina. In 1823, President James Monroe named Caesar Rodney of Delaware as Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Provinces of the Ríio de la Plata. 

The longstanding friendship between our two countries is underpinned by the strong cultural and familial ties which unite our peoples. The relationship is further enriched by the many unique contributions of Argentinians to the United States. Both countries are democracies, working continuously to strengthen our institutions and political inclusion. 

Argentina provides crucial contributions to hemispheric security and stability, including counterterrorism, defense, and law enforcement cooperation. It is a valued partner for the United States in tackling the climate crisis and global health challenges and serves as an example for the region and the world in supporting expanded economic prosperity and equality, including for women and disadvantaged populations. 

Argentina is further admired for its leadership in promoting human rights and the dignity of all people, including of LGBTQI+ persons. Both the United States and Argentina are dedicated to maintaining a strong middle class and the importance of independent unions and labor rights. We are together increasing mutual understanding and friendship between our peoples through educational exchanges including our binational Fulbright Commission.

Argentina remains a trusted and desirable destination for world-class tourism and for trade opportunities with the United States, and is recognized for being a leader in sports through the example set by its FIFA World Cup champions. Argentina’s three World Cup victories have inspired generations of athletes.

Argentina’s cultural, economic, and political contributions to the region and to the world are invaluable. We must continue to build towards an ever stronger relationship between Argentina and the United States.