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Statement of White House Special Adviser for the Summit of the Americas Christopher Dodd
May 26, 2022

President Biden asked me, in my role as White House Special Adviser for the Summit of the Americas, to meet with leaders across the region, including in Argentina, to collaborate on our positive agenda for the Summit.  In my meetings earlier today with President Alberto Fernandez and Secretary for Strategic Affairs Gustavo Beliz, I emphasized the strength of the U.S. relationship with Argentina, built on our shared commitment to democracy, human rights, and economic prosperity.  I reiterated our hope that Argentina will be an active Summit participant — especially important given its role as a regional leader.

The Summit of the Americas will focus on some of the most vital, shared issues from across the hemisphere.  These include ensuring democracy delivers for every country; strategizing on ways to meet our shared climate goals; working for a stronger, more collaborative COVID-19 response; and addressing economic instability and human rights.  Argentina is a leading voice in these areas and will have a great deal to contribute to these discussions at the Summit, helping to improve the lives of people across our hemisphere.