Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Summit

The Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction across the Americas (DRRA) Summit  will be held September 3-8 in Buenos Aires, with the participation of NASA Disaster Program, Argentina´s National Commission for Space Activities, and international organizations working on terrestrial observations and disaster management. The Summit will be a unique opportunity to strengthen the region´s  collective ability to meet the multiple challenges of disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the Americas and with an overarching approach to promote the use of earth observation (EO).

The Americas is particularly exposed and vulnerable to multiple hazards and intensive disaster risk. Recognizing the value of global collaboration, the Summit builds on the momentum and targets of the UNISDR Sendai Framework for Disaster risk Reduction 2015-2030, advances the outcomes of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and optimizes the societal benefits from the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). The Summit convenes stakeholders with specific attention to the social and cultural context of nations in the Americas.

Through a series of workshops, trainings, and joint activities, participants will collaborate toward improved end-to-end flow of data and information from providers to practitioners, to decision makers and to those able to take critical action.

Joint dialogue and knowledge building leading up to a disaster simulation exercise, in both Spanish and English, will afford participants from the scientific EO and DRR communities to tackle challenges of regional preparedness and planning, disaster mitigation, emergency response, and recovery. By having a diversity of key players engaged at the same time, participants will gain meaningful new contacts, increase understanding of capabilities, and advance integrated work plans to protect lives, property, economies, trade, and security.