Talk with Experts in the Fight Against Trafficking-in-Persons

The Embassy sponsored a round table meeting led by University of Michigan academics Eva Foti-Pagán and Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof.  Professors Foti-Pagan and Hoffnung-Garlsoff lead the University of Michigan Law School Human Trafficking Clinic (HTS).

The round table gathered the Head and representatives from the Argentine Attorney’s General Office Unit Against Human Trafficking and Exploitation (PROTEX) together with various representatives from non-governmental organizations and members of the Network of Journalists with Genre Vision.   The talk revolved around the clinic’s  experience that has been replicated by the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and other universities in Latin America as well as around the world. The group also discussed the idea of adapting these types of programs for the benefit of human trafficking victims in Argentina.