The Bosch Palace Featured on TV Show “En el camino”

The Bosch Palace, residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina since 1930 was highlighted on TN’s TV show “En el camino.” Every week, the show takes a close look at travels, stories, legends and myths in Argentina.

The Bosch Palace on TV
The Bosch Palace on TV (Photo: courtesy by TN)

The segment about the Bosch Palace was part of the “Palaces in Buenos Aires” series and was shot at the residence of Ambassador Mamet during the month of September. “En el camino”, hosted by Mario Markic, highlights the history and architectural beauty of the Palace designed by French Architect René Sergent.  The Bosch Palace opened its doors in 1918.

The shooting was carried out with a drone, capturing amazing images.  During the interview aired as part of the program, Ambassador Mamet  emphasized the importance the United States attaches to the preservation and sharing of the building’s cultural and historical legacy.