The Broadway Cast of “Next to Normal” Visits Argentina

Next to Normal and Casi Normales casts
Next to Normal and Casi Normales casts (Photo: Dept. of State)

Part of the cast of “Next to Normal” visits Argentina September 10-12. The group will participate in an open conversation at San Andrés University on Friday, September 11, and on Saturday, September 12 they will conduct a Q&A session sponsored by the U.S. Embassy at the Astral Theatre.  The group will also perform with the cast of “Casi Normales,” the Argentine adaptation of the piece, at one of their shows.

“Next to Normal” changed the musical genre on Broadway, allowing audiences to identify with the great deal of emotions the show generates. “Next to Normal” has an energetic pop/rock score. At times where perfect families do not exist and being “next to normal” is the norm,  “Next to Normal” tells the story of a family that struggles to be “normal” while –as happens in almost every family–adversity occurs.

Visiting U.S. artists are Alice Ripley, Jennifer Damiano, J. Robert Spencer, Louis Hobson, and Kat Ramsburg.