The Center for American Studies Celebrated its 25th Anniversary

A man speaking at a podium
Ambassador Noah Mamet at the Center for American Studies (CEA) annual dinner (Photo: Dept. of State)

Ambassador Noah Mamet attended the Center for American Studies (CEA) annual dinner to celebrate their 25th anniversary. During the event, Ambassador Mamet highlighted shared values between the people of Argentina and the United States. “Both our countries have a shared history of defending human rights, expanding social inclusion and working to increase social mobility —all of which lead to a better educated and financially secure society,” –said Ambassador Mamet, and added: “Looking forward, there are many areas where our two nations can expand our cooperation and collaboration; these include areas such as science and technology, energy and trade, education, and the arts.” 

The “Bridges of America” Award was presented to former  Chargé d’ Affaires and current Deputy Chief of Mission, Kevin Sullivan, for his contribution to the fulfillment of CEA’s bilateral goals.