The Embassy Helps Build a Soccer Field and Tennis Court in Soldati

Following three women’s soccer clinics organized for girls living in the Buenos Aires Soldati neighborhood, a new soccer field and tennis court were inaugurated as part of the City of Buenos Aires’ “Goal for Inclusion” Project.

Goal for Inclusion is a collaborative effort of six Department of State exchange program alumni, the City of Buenos Aires’ Office of Habitat and Inclusion, and the Embassy.

Goal for Inclusion was enabled by an Embassy Alumni Small Grant to promote inclusion through sports, empower young women, and foster community development in Buenos Aires.

More than 100 youth from Villa Soldati and Villa 1-11-14 attended the inauguration ceremony. During the event, a sports clinic and a soccer-tennis tournament organized by the Argentine Women’s Soccer Association and the NGO “Values and Sports – Marangoni” took place. Following the activities, City government authorities, teachers and neighborhood youth gathered to establish the rules for use of the new community facilities and signed a commitment to take care of the space. Embassy Cultural Attaché, Ms. Christine Meyer, and representatives from the City of Buenos Aires’ Office of Habitat and Inclusion, the International Relations General Office and Inipop – Positive Innovation organization were present during the event.

Goal for Inclusion is associated with the City’s “Sports for Inclusion” program, which promotes sports as a tool to foster social inclusion.  Thanks to the new sports area, the Sports for Inclusion Program will be able to offer soccer for women among its sports options for the Soldati neighborhood.