The Embassy Supports Youth Debate Contests

The Embassy has worked jointly with Asociación Conciencia since 2012 to promote the development of debating skills among high school students from various institutions across the country.   Students from the cities of San Nicolas, Bragado, Tucuman, Buenos Aires, Berazategui and San Miguel have participated in the program. Buenos Aires, Berazategui and San Miguel are actually part of the 2014 program.

From the teaching viewpoint, debate contributes to improving reading skills and the use of sources and bibliographic references.  Debate also strengthens communication and oral production skills, generating more demanding learning conditions for students.

Asociacion Conciencia through its educators and school collaboration help students approach issues prevalent in their local communities through general themes previously selected by them.  Program activities promote the development of skills, competencies and values that enable active, responsible and committed citizen engagement based on respect for others and resolution of conflicts by non-violent means and solidarity.

From the methodologically point of view, program activities seek to promote exchange among students and discussion through dialogue and cooperation.  Embassy representatives join the students for the final contest to share what the students learned during the year.  This year, the Embassy sponsored the visit of Randall Martinez, a U.S. debate coach at the University of Miami.  Mr. Martinez conducted a series of workshops for students and educators and shared his experience and best practices with the audience.