The Embassy Welcomes Patrick O’Reilly and Michelle Kayser

The Embassy welcomed Patrick O’Reilly, the new Counselor for Environment, Science, Technology and Health, and the new officer in health, Michelle Kayser.

A large group of friends of the Environment, Science, Technology and Health section met on September 23 in the Bosch Palace to celebrate cooperation between the USA and Argentina and to meet the new counselor in charge of this broad portfolio.

Argentina is a country valued for its quality of scientific research, technology development, nuclear scientific research, etc. Teams from both countries have worked on joint developments such as Aquarius SAC-D. There is interest in continuing to work on the development of technical and scientific capabilities in space and nuclear issues. There is a bilateral working group on energy, and it is working with the Ministry of Science and Technology in a joint meeting that will be held in October in Washington to expand our areas of cooperation. CONICET scientists are highly valued in the USA, and we work to deepen existing relationships and create new links. Furthermore, there is progress in the last stages of an agreement of cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

The section works with government partners, and also with non-governmental organizations, institutions and foundations.

Patrick O´Reilly comes to Buenos Aires after spending one year in Afghanistan. Previously, he was stationed in Belgium working on issues concerning the European Union and in Paris, Asunción, Kuala Lumpur and Merida, Mexico. He spent three years in Washington in the Department of Economic Affairs and followed Latin America very closely, including Argentina.

Michelle previously worked in the Consular Section and joined the Environment, Science, Technology and Health section on September 22. She will primarily work on health issues. Previously, Michelle served in the Republic of Central Africa and was an intern in the mission of Stockholm, Sweden, and the European Union Regional Office in Washington.