The U.S. to participate in the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics

The United States will participate in the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics 2018 to be hosted on October 6 to 8. The U.S. team will compete in the following sports: archery, basketball, cycling, equestrian, rowing, sport climbing, sailing and table tennis. Of the 3,992 participants, 21 will be U.S. athletes. With a total of 43 medals won in the Summer Olympics, including 14 gold, 14 silver and 13 bronze medals, the United States will seek to go beyond its achievements and to hit new records.

The Youth Olympics is the largest multi-sports event in the world for young high-performance athletes. These games seek to inspire athletes to convey the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence. The games are promoted by the International Olympic Committee in conjunction with the Organizing Committee of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, which includes members of the Argentine Olympic Committee, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and the national government.

Youth Olympics are hosted every four years in two editions, alternating between winter and summer every two years. Participants are young athletes between 15 and 18 years old, and they also participate in cultural and educational activities aside from the games in order to promote Olympism.

This 2018 edition to be held in Buenos Aires will be the first Olympics to have the same number of male and female participants to promote gender equality. This edition includes 32 sports traditionally part of the games like swimming, tennis and boxing, but also 4 new disciplines like climbing and skating.

Sports events will be hosted at several venues located in the Capital district area, including Parque Verde (Palermo, Nuñez and Belgrano), Parque Urbano (Puerto Madero), Parque Olímpico (Villa Soldati), and Parque Tecnológico (Villa Martelli), as well as other venues located in surrounding areas like Paseo de la Costa (Vicente López), Hurlingham Club (Hurlingham), Club Naútico San Isidro (San Isidro), and Club Atlético de San Isidro (San Isidro).