International Parental Child Abduction

The Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, Overseas Citizens Services, views the protection of children as one of our highest priorities. Overseas Citizens Services is actively engaged in many matters relating to children and families as they cross international borders. The Office of Children’s Issues, a division within Overseas Citizens Services, provides specific services to parents regarding intercountry adoption and international family abductions.  Please note the Embassy cannot intervene in general custody disputes, inquiries of this nature should be directed to private attorneys who specialize in family law matters.

We are fully committed to protecting the welfare and interests of children, our most vulnerable citizens, and their parents. For more information about how Overseas Citizens Services can help you, please follow the links below.

The State Department leads the United States government’s efforts to resolve cases of International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA).  The Hague Abduction Convention, an international treaty that provides a legal framework for returning abducted children to their countries of habitual residence, is in force between Argentina and the United States.  The Convention states that officials should act expeditiously in resolving cases, and allows a government to request reasons for the delay if the case is not resolved within six weeks.

The State Department’s priority in these cases is to facilitate a prompt and safe return of wrongfully removed or retained children to the countries where they habitually resided so that courts located there can make custody decisions based on the children’s best interests.  The State Department works with parents, state and federal agencies and our foreign counterparts to facilitate returns to or from the United States.

The State Department submits a yearly report on IPCA to the U.S. Congress.  In that report, the Department cites countries that the Department has determined to have not complied with their Hague Abduction Convention responsibilities.  The report, as well as other data and country-specific information are available at

The United States government places a high priority on speedy resolution of all unresolved abduction cases filed in Argentine courts and we will continue to work with Argentina toward effective implementation of the Hague Abduction Convention.

The State Department cannot comment on individual cases of parental child abduction.